Wildlife Rehabilitation & Release

Thank you!
Gift Cards:
Gas cards (for transportation of wildlife)
Grocery stores (for produce needed in diets)
Pet Stores (mealworms, dietary supplements)
Office supply stores (miscellaneous supplies)

Food items:
​Puppy chow (any brand, but prefer Purina)
Mammal formula (Esbilac or KMR)
Seed mixes (premium birdseed, squirrel seed, cracked corn)
Duck/Goose grower (available at fleet farm, farm & garden stores)
Suet blocks (any variety acceptable)
Nuts, unsalted (any kind- in the shell or shelled)
Cheerios and Kix cereals

Feeding Implements:
Animal dishes (any size- preferably not plastic that can be ingested)

Cloth (towels, washcloths, fleece)
Our wildlife rehabilitators provide care for over 3,000 orphaned and injured wild animals each year. These specially trained individuals are volunteers who donate their time, money, and energy.

​The items listed below are a constant need in the well being of the wild animals we care for. You can make a difference in a wild animal’s life by contributing any of these items. Items donated are tax deductible and will be shared with our network of rehabilitators as needed.
​Thanks for your help!

If you are interested in donating please email info@wrr-mn.org.
Pet carriers (any size)
Plastic “critter boxes” (any size)
Aquariums with lids (any size)
Baby toys (to stimulate baby raccoons)
Cat scratching post (for climbing skills)

Medical Supplies:
Syringes ( 1cc – 60cc)
Needles (25 gauge preferred)
​Vet Wrap, athletic wrap or tape, gauze
​Pedialyte, Lactated Ringers Solution

Facial tissue
Scent-free detergent and bleach
Any kind of cleaning solutions or disinfectants

Please clearly label items “For Wildlife.”